4 Adventurous/Nature Things To Do In Bellingen

4 Adventurous/Nature Things To Do In Bellingen

So you’ve come to Bellingen from the city, and astonishing landscapes greet you at every turn and corner – mountains, rivers, waterfalls national parks in every direction.

They’re sights to behold, but if you’re looking to put that camera away and lace up your explorer boots, here’re 5 adventures to get you started.

1. Cathedral Rock National Park


On the Cathedral Rock Loop Walk through the National Park’s woodland, you’ll see fallen trees, giant rocks and the occasional wallaby. But there’s nothing quite like the view from atop the Woolpack Rocks.

Climb over boulders upon boulders, with the aid of chains at some point, and weave through their crevices. Find yourself handsomely rewarded by a bird’s eye view of the New England Tablelands and the nearby Round Mountain.

2. Learn how to surf at Sawtell


25 minutes way from Bellingen is Sawtell, a coastal town that’s a little cosmopolitan too. People often come here to fish, camp in caravans or swim in the tidal pools, but it’s also place with great waves if you’re trying to pick up surfing.

Surfing schools include Sawtell Surf School,Solitary Islands Surf School and SurfGroms.

3. Hire a canoe and paddle down Bellinger River

Why simply picnic by the Bellinger River when you can be Paddling along its stream, getting up close and personal with its wildlife and aquatic flora and fauna?

Single, double and triple canoes and kayaks are available for rent just 5 minutes away from Bellingen, and they even come equipped with footrests and backrests for a more comfortable time.

4. Go horse-riding at Valery Trails


Your country experience is not complete without channeling your inner cowboy and riding a horse through the valleys and rainforests. Valery Trails offers just that for beginner and experienced riders across 400 acres of land, twice a day for 2 hours at a go, at 10am and 2pm.

If you have a large group (6 pax), you could even sign up for a breakfast ride that departs at 7.30am and returns to the stables at 9.30am, or a BBQ one that starts and end at 4.30pm – 6.30pm.

What better place to stay in than Promised Land Retreat to be in the middle of all the action? Nestled in the heart of Bellingen’s nature, our luxury chalets are the perfect place to retire after a long exciting day and recharge for a new one.

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