A Promised Land by Name and Nature

A Promised Land by Name and Nature

A Promised Land by name and nature

Guest Contributor: Ben Direen

There’s a sense of calm that cascades over you, like the waterfalls the region is so well known for, the closer you get to the Promised Land Retreat. It virtually begins the moment you leave the A1 and continues as you traverse the valleys of the aptly named Waterfall Way, as it gently winds through lush green pastures abound with dairy cows grazing alongside the crystal clear Bellinger River. Before you know it you’ve reached the vibrant regional town of Bellingen, complete with its old-time Australiana charm and eclectic mix of artisans, trendy coffee shops and eateries.

An espresso and perhaps a spot of shopping later, you’re back on the road with only a short drive separating you and a sub-tropical paradise. The way the road is sporadically dappled with golden rays of sunlight filtered through the woodland forest roof feels as magical as Dorothy’s journey along the yellow brick road to Oz. The major difference is that if the Emerald City was anything like the Promised Land, it’s likely that Dorothy would have never left…and that wouldn’t quite provide the same gripping narrative.

Shortly after you cross the Never Never Creek, you see it, you’ve arrived. As you turn into the property you’re greeted by a corridor of towering platanus trees that usher you up the driveway. Upon approach, the sprawling peaks and rainforests of the iconic Great Dividing Range seem to rise up before your eyes as you make your way through the rolling hills of this scenic acreage. You quickly realise that you’ve found somewhere very special, a promised land.

The pace of the place is so far removed from that of the city that you almost forget it exists. Concrete skyscrapers are replaced by the hulking eucalyptus, hoop pines and gum trees that line the property’s escarpment. The sound of city traffic is substituted by a medley of calls from Whip Birds, Kookaburras, Honeyeaters, and Cockatoos. The smell of petrol fumes is exchanged for an unlimited supply of fresh air with subtle floral and grassy notes. It’s a sensory overload in the best possible sense.

The retreat sets out to provide its guests with simple, elegant luxury amidst one of the most beautiful landscapes in Australia – and that’s exactly what is does. The architect-designed guest chalets, of which there are just three set out across an expansive 100 acres, are crafted from local timber and offer a stylish retreat with dramatic vistas. This piece of paradise is a sanctuary from the outside world and is ideal for a romantic getaway or an active family holiday. To book your next escape, simply click the link: http://bit.ly/2EtWUwR

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